Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mono.Xna - The beginning


Given my interest in game programming, graphics and generally making computers do interesting things other than running enterprise software, I've starting contributing to the mono.xna team.

These series of posts, tagged with XNA, will chronicle my findings, exploration and implementation of my areas of the XNA framework.

Hardware and Development

I own a Macbook Pro and a Windows laptop, so I can develop and test on both these platforms.  My primary development environment will be VS 2005, since I cannot live without Resharper 2.5, and think any serious software engineer should at least look at this tool.

And it begins...

After I obtained the current code, I found the best place to start was implementing the classes in Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.dll, since this assembly was largely unimplemented, and is really one of the core entry points for a consumer of this framework.

Based on previous conversations in the discussion group, Tao and SDL.NET are the cross-platform APIs of choice.  This was great to see, given I've previously used and contributed to SDL.NET for my C# implementation of the Frodo C64 emulator, and found it easy to use.

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