Thursday, April 19, 2007

Running Pong under Mono.Xna on mono

It is official; we've successfully run Pong under Mono.Xna!  It is running with either the Microsoft or mono runtimes!

Last night, I completed most of the core functionality within the Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.dll assembly, and wrote a number of unit tests to exercise the Game logic.

Looks and runs identical to it's counterpart running under the Microsoft implementation of Xna.


My next step is to run it under the mono runtime on my windows machine and then follow with running it on my MacBook Pro.  This is completed.  Now for my Macbook Pro.

I will submit patches after I complete the additional classes I stubbed to get this basically working.


Rob Loach said...

PongXNA was running on Mono.Xna a long time ago. We decided to trash the .Game assembly code a while ago though, as it didn't have any NUnit testing code to go with it. Since then the project has been on halt due to time constrants.

Now that I've graduated, I'll have more time to contribute to this project and keep it alive. I'll send a note to Alan. Thanks for the re-inspiration.

Bryan said...

Great work.

See if you can get my NES emu running. It's at

The core of the emu only uses a single 2D texture that get's copied from a framebuffer.

penyaskito said...

Very very very great work!

Stuart said...

Thanks for the feedback.

@Rob: Indeed, I started looking at SVN history and saw some code in the .Game assembly that used to be there, so I was wondering why it was gone :)

Well, I've contributed a number of unit-tests, with more to come, so hopefully it will stay this time!

Stuart said...


Certainly! That will be a good test, as we progress the project.

It is still early, and there are a number of things to still do.