Wednesday, May 02, 2007

GamePad and Color implementations for Mono XNA

Just posted some updates to the repository tonight, now that I have write access.  This is really going to help me, in moving things along whilst I have a little time to contribute right now.

  • GamePad
    • As previously mentioned, GamePad has a preliminary implementation of the two dead zone algorithms now
    • Unit tests (where possible) have also been submitted
  • Color
    • The initial source appeard to come from the System.Drawing namespace in the mono implementation of the BCL, so it was a little heavy for XNA.  I've submitted a revised versions that is greatly simplified and is now 100% complete, with associated unit tests.
    • These unit tests helped me figure out a few things about the MS implementation, including the fact that Vector3 / Vector4 conversions use rounding rather than truncation.

I've started work on GraphicsDevice and Graphics adapter, but these will require acquiring a more thorough knowledge of OpenGL.  To assist with this process, I've ordered the Red Book and OpenGL Distilled

Update: I've added the OpenGL: Reference Manual to that order

I'll post some discovery in the coming days.

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