Wednesday, May 09, 2007

GraphicsDeviceCapabilities.BlendCaps structure

As per MSDN documentation,

Represents the supported blend capabilities.

There are 14 capabilities for this structure, as follows

Property OpenGL Extension or Minimum Version
SupportsBlendFactor V1.4 || ARB_imaging
SupportsBothInverseSourceAlpha V1.0
SupportsBothSourceAlpha V1.0
SupportsDestinationAlpha V1.0
SupportsDestinationColor V1.4
SupportsInverseDestinationAlpha V1.0
SupportsInverseDestinationColor V1.4
SupportsInverseSourceAlpha  V1.0
SupportsInverseSourceColor  V1.4
SupportsOne V1.0
SupportsSourceAlpha V1.0
SupportsSourceAlphaSat  V1.0
SupportsSourceColor V1.4
SupportsZero  V1.0

If these are not correct or you can help fill in the blanks, comments are welcome.

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