Wednesday, May 28, 2008

iFrodo - The keyboard is shaping up

I have the basic framework for rendering any virtual keyboard (in a resolution independent manner) almost completed. The keyboard supports touch events; however, I now have to complete the shift-key support and a few other enhancements for switching layouts (to numbers, etc).

For nostalgia, the colors are pulled from numerous pictures of Commodore 64 keyboards:

iPhone keyboard for emulators
Update: I will be including full support for all the Commodore 64 keys (C64 key, del, clr, etc)


Rob said...

Hi been watching this slowly develop over the weeks, thanks for your efforts on this project cant wait to see the finished product :)

Stuart said...

No worries mate - it is getting there. A few more days work on the keyboard, and then I'll move on to the rest of the UI - including landscape support, a file browser, and preferences / settings view. I'm also going to support the iControlPad.

justjeepin said...

Will it include some of the c64 specific keys? (i.e. c64, runstop, clr home, inst del, restore, and crsr keys)

Stuart said...


Absolutely - I will support all the C64 keys. I want to implement this functionality, similar to the native iPhone / Touch, where you can touch and drag to the key you want to 'shift' or a double tap will 'lock' it. I also want the keyboard to show the keys, which means getting either a 'commodore' font or capturing all the images off a keyboard myself (which will take some work).