Sunday, May 11, 2008

iFrodo - progress

Where are we today?

  • Graphics: Done
    • I am using the scan-line mode for the emulator, but I may change to the single-cycle mode after some performance testing. So far it screams on the simulator. I could deploy both versions of the emulator, but that would require considerable work. Hopefully this runs with similar performance characteristics as the real device. I won't know until Apple accepts my application...

  • User Experience : None
    • Portrait: Partial
      • In this mode, the full keyboard will be available, as well as playing games

    • Landscape: None
      • This mode will be primarily for playing games, with the availability of the joystick and probably the Fn keys. Switching to portrait will be necessary to perform more work with the keyboard.

  • Audio : Researching
    • I've found that the Audio Queue Services look to be exactly what I need. Frodo was conveniently built to support sound 'drivers', so shouldn't be too much work here.

  • Input, Keyboard : Planning
    • What I have to day is a 'line editor', using the built-in keyboard (as you can see in the video clip). I type a line of text and 'send' it to the emulator. This is just a debugging tool and will go away before the release.

    • The iPhone SDK and associated frameworks do not allow the built-in keyboard to be repurposed, so I'm going to have to roll my own. This is probably okay, as I'd like to make it generic enough to work with other emulators in the future - think Atari 800XL and Apple II.

  • Input, Joystick : Planning
    • Two options
      • Multi-Touch: I have some ideas for joystick support, which I'll document in a future post - it's going to take advantage of the multi-touch interface and the entire screen surface - 'Touch Stick'.

      • Accelerometer: Something similar to what was shown for the initial SDK release for the space shoot-em-up style game.

Show and Tell
Here is a short video showing 'Hello World' and running IK+ (International Karate +). As mentioned above, it uses the built in keyboard, in 'line mode', which is simply a debugging tool, until I build the UI. No sound either, but that is underway. I'll follow up with another video once sound is activated.

Note about the video recording: It was recorded at 15 frames/sec to limit the size up to youtube; however, the emulator runs at 30 fps without breaking a sweat.


Timothy Barrington-Smythe said...

Impressive stuff. Now this is where I encounter a dilemma. My iPod Touch is jailbroken. I desperately want a SID player. I'm hoping there will be a way to be legit and jailbroken at the same time come when the appstore comes out as I have a lot of stuff I don't want to lose... But I MUST HAVE the ability to take the HVSC in my pocket with me:)

And being able to play Auf Wiedersehn Monty on the iPod will be awesome too:)

Borat said...

I have to agree. I have a jailbroken iPod Touch also and would love to have a sidplayer on it. That would really be the dog's danglies :)