Wednesday, June 04, 2008

iFrodo - Keyboard mania

I've now successfully hooked the keyboard up to iFrodo.  Without a doubt, the experience is much better.

I've uploaded a short video to youtube to demonstrate the new functionality in action. Forgive the green text over the video implying 'please register me, you bad, bad individual' - I will buy a copy of the software and redo the video.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. Keep up the good work. Been following your progress with iFrodo for a while now and cannot wait for it to be released.

iFrodo will be another great addition to the Genesis, SNES emulators I currently have from zodttd.

Can't wait to play IK+ again.

Stuart said...

Thanks mate - making progress with the disk browser and configuration UI

Anonymous said...

Just want to let you know, that I am very excited about iFrodo - I can't wait to play Giana Sisters on my iPod touch :)

Keep up the great work.

Stuart said...

Really glad to see the interest. I have a basic browser working now, and will probaby show off another demo in the next couple of days.

Paul Stanway said...
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