Monday, September 01, 2008

Introducing mSID

'm' what? mobile-SID!

Given the setback in rendering iC64 usable, I wanted to tackle something that would generate results relatively quickly.  There has been a modest amount of interest in a SID player for the iPhone (it is a mobile music player after all) and so mSID has begun.

As of this evening, I have played Wizball on the the device, and to my delight it works like a charm.  There is no user interface to speak of yet so no screenshots; however, I can focus on the design now that playback is not going to be an issue.

I'll be working on brining mSID to the App Store in the coming weeks.

How will I get songs on the device?

I have several games that allow downloading of content (new levels) from the internet, so I will provide the same feature.

What about STIL and song length support?

Of course.


PasiM said...

If you can get this to Apple Store (not supporter of jailbreaks, yet), I'll pay anything for it.. ;-)

Timothy Barrington-Smythe said...

I could kiss you right now.:)

But I won't...

And yes, I'm jailbroken too:) And am MORE THAN HAPPY to beta test and risk trashing my device and having to restore just to get my hands on this!!!

Andreas Varga said...

Hey Stuart. Let's pool our efforts, just to prevent any duplicated work. We can do more together...
Gimme a shout, because I can't find your email address anywhere...