Sunday, November 30, 2008

New repository for iPhone examples created

I've created a google code project , which I will use to post working mini-examples for iPhone developers.

The first installment is an example of using parallel ARM assembler in XCode to do basic processing of an ARGB image.  I'll post a follow up with more detail.  In summary, for each iteration, the routine

  • reads 16 bytes into 4, 32-bit registers (r2-r5) in 1 ldmia (load multiple) instruction, 
  • processes the 16 bytes in 4 uqadd8 instructions, which equates to 4 pixels (ARGB).
  • stores the 16 bytes back to memory, and increments the buffer point in 1 stmia instruction


Anonymous said...

So clearly nothing is appearing before Christmas, despite the announcement of mSid almost 4 months ago.

Stuart said...

No, unfortunately not. I do have a working prototype, but my attention has moved back to my other iPhone project, and therefore I will not be able to work on it until January.

The other project will be worth the wait. I'm working with an amazing artist and partner, which will be evident when you see the final results.

Along with the ones already posted, I have some great ideas for mSID, to make it a versatile, and very high-quality player.

Anonymous said...

Guess you've seen this one?

Stuart said...

Yes, indeed I have. My colleague and I have grander plans than 'just' a SID player. There is nothing wrong with options, right?